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The Blue Period - Demo 10"

Long out of print since it was released on a short run of 50 cassettes by myself and strictly no capital letters in 2013, the debut EP from Nottingham's The Blue Period has become one of the most sought after things I have ever released. To this day I continue to get emails and messages asking me if I have a spare copy lying around (I don't, stop sending me emails).

However, the demo has now been re-released for 2016 on 10" vinyl, which is quite frankly just great news. For the uninitiated, this record contains four beautiful indiemo tracks reminiscent of early Promise Ring, Ashen, Ribbon Fix and Ida.

300 copies on emo black vinyl with emo black splatter (it's a black record). Newly designed Windows 95-themed artwork by the band and Rory Butterworth, featuring a pink cover, hand-stamped labels and a black and white insert.

This is a joint release with strictly no capital letters (whose copies will be up later next week) and Time As A Color (Germany), so please get it from them if you are closer or a regular customer.